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It's all about you.

Research has proven that quality and consistent Personal Care Assistant (PCA) services can provide not only for the mental well-being and confidence to live independently for adult individuals with disabilities, but can reduce the mental, emotional, and physical strain experienced by their family members by shifting direct care from the family to professionals in the community.

With professional supports in place, families can enjoy spending quality time with their loved ones without the pressures of being their sole caregivers.

How we work

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Contact the MPPCA Manager to discuss the specific support needs for yourself or your loved one.  Once your needs are identified and a schedule and payments are established, our trained staff of Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) will start assisting when you are ready.

MPPCA has a staff of experienced and educated PCAs to assist in all ADLs and IADLs.  Our employees are vetted with thorough background checks, trained, and hold certifications in CPR and First Aid.  We place a high value on personal care for your loved ones, so our non-profit agency pays a better hourly rate to our staff than other for-profit companies in this field in order to find and retain quality partners.

Payment structure

For clients who have Kansas Medicaid through the Working Healthy Program, MPPCA has agreed to bill the applicable Medicaid insurer (MCO).


MPPCA does not accept any other insurance or Medicaid programs at this time, including the HCBS waiver or anyone located in Missouri.

Private Pay hourly rates are billed at $25.00 per hour.  All Personal Care Assistant services are provided on a one-to-one basis.


If you pay privately for our services, MPPCA will bill you directly or a third-party bill payor that you specify.  For those who pay privately, the client and family will agree that payment is due upon invoice within a reasonable period of time, not to exceed 30 days.


MPPCA has a one-hour minimum shift fee for assistance services.  In other words, a PCA cannot be assigned a shift for less than one hour.  We ask that the MPPCA Manager be notified 24 hours in advance of a cancellation, or you may be charged a minimum of 1 hour of service fees.  Any refusal of service at the time that a PCA arrives on site will incur a minimum charge of 1 hour of service fees.  The cancellation fees are charged solely because we value our employees' time, and they are still paid for the cancelled shift minimum.

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